NuLyra – ebass, vocals, composer


Born in Cuba into an atmosphere of Bossa Nova and afrocuban music. She sang her father’s songs even befor she could speak. As a teenager, she lived in Switzerland and Mexico where she had a band with her brother and an Album recorded. It was then when she started to play the bass and write songs. Her biggest influences are D’Javan, Elis Regina and also Jimi Hendrix. Her lyrics ar poetic, images of an inner life intimacy and self observance, her songs: musical pages of her diary.

Carlo Menet – guitar


Born and raised in Zurich he tried at first the drums of percussion. But since he heard Santana and Pinkfloyd at the age of 14, the only thing he could now play was guitar, so he let the sticks fall to never ever let go of his guitar, from which he seduces a poetic solo line after another.

Lobosch Grüter – drums


He was already born with a beard and clapping on 2 and 4 to his lullabies. He sits on the drums since kindergarten so there must be a good reason for him to stand up and do something else, this something may often be sleeping or eating, never working or studying.




Ornella Ponnaz – keys

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